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Program Schedule

5:00pmWhat's Up at the Methuen Activity CenterApril 2016
5:30pmThe LIONS Den#7 Speech Contest 2015
6:00pmFor the Young at HeartGood Oral Health for Seniors
6:30pmMethuen Now! 
7:00pmCall to ServeSidney Wagner - U.S. Navy
7:30pmNevins Memorial LibraryWhat is Islam: Imam Bashir Bilal
9:00pmProposed Automated Trash CollectionAn Informational Discussion
10:00pmMHS SportsGirls Basketball vs. Andover
9:00amCommission on DisabilitiesEmergency Preparedness for Individuals with Disabilities
12:00pmMethuen Community TV20th Anniversary Arts Festival
3:00pmThere is Something About AndoverMarch 2016
3:30pmPerils for Pedestrians#205 A Visit to Geneva, Switzerland, part one
4:00pmPopulist Dialogues14-11 Our last hope, Nature's Trust Law?
4:30pmGlitzy Gourmet#8 Stuffed Chicken with Sambuca Sauce
4:50pmWho is Archie's Betty 
5:00pmThe Chef's Table SeriesBest of Show - Southern Cooking
6:00pmRed Sox Monthly2016 Season Kick-OffEPISODE
6:30pmCGS"Dorothy in Wonderland"
8:00pmGamers UniverseGod of War
8:30pmThe LIONS Den#7 Speech Contest 2015
9:00pmSomos Latinos VIP#53
10:00pmNevins Library Author SeriesMichael Blanding - "The Map Thief"
11:00pmMethuen Now! 
11:30pmRoad to RecoveryIssues Affecting Recovery
8:30amMethuen Community Television20th Anniversary Arts Festival
11:30pmGamers UniverseGod of War
12:00pmRoad to RecoveryIssues Affecting Recovery
1:00pmSomos Latinos VIP#53
2:00pmThe Chef's Table SeriesBest of Show - Southern Cooking
3:00pmPolka Time with Stas 
5:00pmMethuen Now! 
5:30pmThere is Something About AndoverMarch 2016
6:00pmRed Sox Monthly2016 Season Kick-Off
7:00pmIn the Fight#105 Operation Stand Down & more!
7:30pmAround Town with Larry SeamanJazz Combo at Coffee Coffee, part one
8:30pmCGS"Dorothy in Wonderland"
10:00pmMV Prevention & Substance Abuse ProjectCommunity Forum 2015

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